Spørsmål og svar om Forvo, uttaleguiden

Spørsmål og svar

Kanskje har du stilt deg noen av disse spørsmålene også.

1. Hva er Forvo?

Forvo er en nettbasert ordbok. Vi ønsker å ha alle ord som eksisterer i hele verden uttalt og innlest, inkludert navn. Forvo er den største uttaledatabasen i verden.

2. Hva er det Forvo ikke er?

Forvo er ikke laget for lengre lydfil eller dokument. Lydfiler er begrenset til 2,5 sekunder, langt nok for alle ord.

3. Hva menes med "alle ordene i hele verden"?

Med dette menes nesten alle er tillatt, inkludert stygge ord. Vi mener at det er ikke selve ordet som er galt mener måten det brukes på eller sammenhengen det brukes i som gjøre at det er uakseptabelt. Anyway, words are limited to 40 characters. Onomatopoeias, shouting and so are not allowed.

Bad words are not forbidden as long as they are politely pronounced and appear in well-known dictionaries. Please, don´t add made-up words because they will be removed.

Forvo is not intended for sentences, but in certain cases they are allowed. For example, short idioms or known titles, such as "The Lord of the Rings" is allowed but "I have two rings" is not. It´s quite simple to understand.

More info about adding words.

4. There is something wrong with a word. What can I do?

If a word does not really exist or is offensive, you can send us a report from the Word page. Please be specific about the problem and we'll try to resolve it. If you are not a registered user, you can report it by tagging it as "wrong" or something similar so that other users will be notified.

5. There is something wrong with a pronunciation. What can I do?

Read number 4.

6. A word or pronunciation I´ve added has been removed. Why?

Forvo´s purpose is to maintain the guide quality. There is a great team of volunteer editors who review most of the activity of the users. Incorrect language or not fulfilling Forvo´s policy are some of the reasons to remove any content. Anyway, Forvo´s right is to remove any inappropriate content.

7. In my country "that word" is pronounced differently

We know there are completely different pronunciations depending on the country or region, even in the same language. So, why don´t you pronounce yourself that word with your accent? Forvo support multiple pronunciations for the same word. That way users learning a language can hear pronunciation from different places.

8. What about words with more than one pronunciation?

Forvo recommends the following solution. Add that word with an explanation between brackets. For example: live (adjective) or live (verb). Then ignore the brackets when pronouncing.

9. Who can add words to Forvo?

Everyone. You can do it anonymously or with your username. If you add words with your username you will get more features at forvo.com, like tracking your words or notifications.
Exceptions: In certain cases, depending on the language, some of them are not allowed for anonymous users.
Update 2009/07/21: Only registered users can add words.

10. Who can record pronunciations?

Everyone. You can do it anonymously or with your username. We recommend the latter option to improve the quality of the site. You may, for example, want to hear only female pronunciations to learn from a woman. We can´t offer this feature if you are anonymous! The same goes for accents. Don´t forget to tell what is your accent by clicking on the map when registering.
Exceptions: In certain cases, depending on the language, some of them are not allowed for anonymous users.
Update 2009/07/21: Only registered users can record pronunciations.

11. Is there a guide for recordings?

Yes. You can read it here.

12. What about uploading MP3 with my own pronunciation?

Although the quality of pronunciations would be higher, we can´t offer this feature due to legal requirements. We don´t really know who is the owner of the MP3. For example, some users might upload pronunciations from a language learning CDROM.

13. Please add "that language"

Sure, it would be great but we don´t want to add languages for quantity but for quality. So, if you can speak one of them, we´ll happily add it! Also, the language needs to be in this ISO codes list.

Anyway, please check if Forvo already supports that language.

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